Nana C++ Library 1.5 Available Now

Nana 1.5 brings several updates – including enhanced stability and usability, and numerous other bug fixes and improvements.

You can find a release note using this link.

Please visit homepage to see who’ve contributed to this release.

New Features in Nana 1.5

Nana 1.5 has a variety of new features for extending the existing components. Let’s have a look at these new features.


Box Selection

Listbox is enhanced for the user experience. When the multi-selection is enabled, user can select items that intersect with a user selected rectangle region within the listbox.



Fit-Content Layoutment

There are new keywords has been added to place for layouting a content measurable widget depending on its content. The content measurable widgets are button, combox, label and picture.


The keyword fit layouts a widget to fit its content.

int main() 
    using namespace nana; 

    form fm; 
    button btna{ fm }, btnb{ fm }; 

    btna.caption("This is very long long long title");
    btnb.caption("Short title"); 

    fm.div("<><fit x gap=5><>"); //fit here in x field 
    fm["x"] << btna << btnb; //these 2 buttons fit their text. 


The keyword vfit layouts a widget to fit its content, and the height of the content is measured with specified a fixed width. Now only label supports the vfit.

int main() 
    using namespace nana;

    form fm;
    label lab{ fm };

    std::string content = "Nana C++ Library takes aim at easy-to-use and portable library, it provides a GUI framework and threads for easy programming with modern C++ methods.";

    fm.div("<><vfit=200 x gap=5><>");
    fm["x"] << lab;



Customize the Splitter

A new function for class place to specify a splitter renderer.

void splitter_renderer(std::function<void(window, paint::graphics&, mouse_action)> fn);

The function object will be copied to every splitter instance.

place.splitter_renderer([](window wd, paint::graphics& graph, mouse_action mact){ 
    //wd the handle to the splitter 
    //graph the graphics object of the splitter 

    case mouse_action::normal: //normal state 
    case mouse_action::normal_captured:  //mouse down 
    case mouse_action::pressed: 
    case mouse_action::hovered: //mouse move 

Initialize the Weight of a Min/Max-Specified Field

Before the 1.5, the weight attribute is ignored when the min/max attributes are specified. Now the weight can be specified to initialize the field weight when min/max attributes are specified.

Get the Div-Text of Current Status

Place  added a return type for div() method to return the div-text of current running status. For example, If program hides a certain field, the place will add the invisible attribute to the corresponding field for the div-text. This is a useful feature to let developer serialize the current layoutment.


A new text_align() method to set the text alignment.
The line color is used to allow textbox to display different background color and foreground color for specified lines.



Using a TTF File

Now Nana supports to load font from a TTF file.


int main()
    using namespace nana;

    //Loads ttf file with default font size
    paint::font ft(0/*default font size*/, "stocky.ttf");
    ft.set_default(); //set the default font for the program

    form fm;
    fm.typeface({ 20, "stocky.ttf" });
    drawing{ fm }.draw([](paint::graphics& graph) {
        graph.string({10, 30}, "Set stocky.ttf as default font");

    button btn{ fm };




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