Roadmap for Nana 1.6

Cross-platform High-DPI Support

The most important new feature of Nana 1.6 is the cross-platform High-DPI support, which allows applications to automatically fit for High-DPI screen.

Some libraries provide automatic scaling to allow the applications written for standard resolution displays to be automatically scaled when shown on High-DPI screens. But Nana isn’t planned to provide the same feature, because the class place is naturally to support High-DPI. The aim of High-DPI support is to provide the density independent unit, like pt, in.

//something like this
button.typeface(paint::font({}, 18pt));

When the window moves from a standard resolution screen to a High-DPI screen, the size of the button’s font is always 18/72 inch(24px on standard resolution screen, 30px on a 120 DPI screen).

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Listbox Virtual Model

Virtual model allows listbox to avoid loading all data into memory, it only loads the data where the listbox scrolls. It’s very useful when loads data from a big database table or a big file, it provides a significant efficiency and reduces the memory usage.

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