Nana C++ Library 1.7.3 Available Now

Nana 1.7.3 brings several updates – including enhanced performance and stability, usability and numerous other bug fixes and improvements. This release includes many user contributions. Many thanks to all the developers who interacted with us on Github and forum.

You can find a release note using this link.

Please visit homepage to see who’ve contributed to this release.


This release includes 2 new features which are contributed by besh81 and call-me-void

1, Let a user get interactions(selection, click) of a treebox node on the entire line.

void treebox::use_entire_line(bool enable);

2, Allow treebox node to be hidden.

item_proxy& treebox::item_proxy::hide(bool); //Shows/hides the node
bool treebox::item_proxy::hidden() const;    //Determines whether the node is hidden



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