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I have a nana::group which, inside it has a nana::checkbox and a nana::label.

The label provides a help message for the options in the checkbox. If label is located in the same vertical level as the checkbox option then when I press on label, instead of seeing the message, the checkbox option close to it gets activated. How can I limit the action of checkbox to the horizontal length of the t
recent by Error Flynn  ·  Jun 10 at 6:24 am
DMA posted Jun 10 at 3:34 am
The text of combox is left justified. How can I make it centered or right justified?

If there is no method to do this, then I ask Jinhao to add these features to the nana::combox class. Thanks.

DMA posted Jun 5 at 4:56 pm
I am trying to specify a nana::combox that has several predefined options. I would like to have an option to get a user defined string for this combox. So, I decided to have a nana::checkbox and if this checkbox is checked then I make the combox editable and get the user specified string and add it to the combox options. This idea does not work. The combox remains un-editable. What is wrong here?
recent by huycan  ·  Jun 7 at 9:00 am
For example listbox allows an icon per item, but this currently has to be a nana::paint::image which can only be created by reading from a file.

Most of the places that use an icon/image usually just call the paste and/or stretch method.

The downside of only accepting a nana::paint::image is that the app can't provided generated or painted icons, e.g. from a nana::paint::graphics.

I have to put in a line

#include <stdexcept>
into file threads/datetime.cpp for the new gcc to compile. The new gcc does not recognize std::runtime_error without including stdexcept.

Except for that minor hiccup... nana compiled beautifully with the new gcc 10.1 just released.

Hi! I've spent 2 days trying to setup clion with nana and compile hello world.
Someone can point me how to start?
I've created an c++ project from clion.
on root i've copied this cmake file :

# CMake configuration for Nana
# Contributors:
# Andrew Kornilov (ierofant) - original version
# Jinhao
# Ariel Vina-Rodriguez (qPCR4vir)
# (King_DuckZ)
# Robert Hauck - Enable suppo
recent by qPCR4vir  ·  May 4 at 5:29 pm
With Code::Blocks, I have to use personality feature of CB to program in nana. Especially in Linux, you have to type in a lot of required libraries like... X11, rt, Xft, etc.... So I decide to create a C::B template wizard for nana (just like SFML, although SFML template not working)... and I like to share it to everyone... nana users.

You can download from here: nana template.

There's a
aCuria posted Apr 8 at 3:42 am
Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error CMake Error at lib/nana/build/cmake/select_filesystem.cmake:57 (check_include_file_cxx):
Unknown CMake command "check_include_file_cxx". C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\hfvi\lib/nana/build/cmake/select_filesystem.cmake 57

I think a line is missing:

Hare Krishna, All!

I have Windows 10, download and install MinGW from into C:\MinGW, download and install CodeBlocks 11979 from,23712.0.html , I followed instruction from . I set also Settings-> Compiler...->Toolchain executable:

I edit item GNU GCC Compi
I still cannot build a simple "hello world" program using nana v1.7.3, even when I build with gcc v8.3

This problem was reported back in August when v1.7.2 broke it.

Here is the program

#include <iostream>
#include <nana>
#include <nana>

using namespace std;

int main()
using namespace nana;
form fm;
label lb(fm, rectangle(fm.size()));
recent by jinhao  ·  Feb 14 at 4:39 am
#include <nana/gui.hpp>
#include <nana/gui/widgets/menubar.hpp>
#include <nana/gui/widgets/textbox.hpp>
#include <nana/gui/widgets/label.hpp>
#include <nana/gui/place.hpp>
#include <nana/gui/msgbox.hpp>
#include <nana/gui/filebox.hpp>
#include <thread>
#include <iostream>
using namespace nana;
using namespace std;
using path_type = std::filesy
recent by jinhao  ·  Feb 13 at 7:11 am
Hi All,
I'm currently learning advanced STL concepts and consider nana as my learning project. Currently focused on how animation works and for that, I have started looking into related classes and methods.

One question I have in my mind is to render BMP image sequences we have to use pushback method of image class but I am unable to create frambuilder example.

How can I use this std:
Nana v1.7.3 fails to build with g++ v5.1, which is the standard compiler with code::blocks release. Upgrading the compiler to v8.3 allows nana to build. Note that upgrading the code::blocks compiler is an advanced task.

The nana downloads page says it will build with "Any Standard C++ compiler(Visual C++ 2013, GCC/MinGW and Clang)". This is false.

Here is v5.1 error:

recent by ravenspoint  ·  Feb 12 at 4:22 pm
besh81 posted Nov 9 '18 at 2:37 pm
Hi all,

Nana Creator is a a RAD tool for Nana C++ Library

I'm slowly developing this project and of course there are still a lot of code lines to write and ideas to implement but some of you could find it useful as it is.

At this stage (0.23.0) is possible to create quite complex GUIs:

using most of the nana controls
setting their attributes
adding custom controls
and much more
recent by besh81  ·  Feb 12 at 3:33 pm
ABD posted Jan 28 at 1:10 am
A few months ego I guessed that NANA is dead. Today, that comment is not a guess and is a reality. The main developer of the NANA has disappeared!!! and no longer continue developing the library.

Some of the more experienced users of NANA, like Error Flynn is trying to help and keep the hope alive by finding the bugs and write a fix for them. But, I think his efforts and other good people
recent by ABD  ·  Feb 7 at 6:25 pm
huycan posted Jan 18 at 10:24 pm
When you click on a menu choice, the menu will be closed... this is fine. But if it is an option or a highlight, you'd want it remaining open... so that user knows that they choose the right option.

The question then, how to let the menu remaining open after choosing an option?

recent by Error Flynn  ·  Jan 30 at 12:58 am
I'm using Windows 10 (version 1909 Build 18363.535) Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 (v16.4.2) and Nana 1.7.2 and when I try to build nana I get the following:

1>------ Rebuild All started: Project: nana, Configuration: Debug x64 ------
recent by qPCR4vir  ·  Dec 25 '19 at 1:07 am
It has been almost two years that I started to learn NANA for developing the GUI for my applications. It was a challenging and interesting experience for me. I was very excited that I am learning a library that soon would be a rival to Qt and wxWidgets, but unfortunately the pace of development of NANA and its awful documentation made me very disappointed.

Recently I noticed that the main d
recent by qPCR4vir  ·  Dec 7 '19 at 3:15 am
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