Nana Release

September 5, 2017

Release notes tell you what's new in Nana C++ Library

This release contains some fixes. It makes Nana more stable on both Windows and Linux. Learn more on the Nana Blog.

We love hearing about your experiences with Nana at our Forum. The forum also gives an opportunity to listen to your feedback as we continue development.

  • NEW

    Widgets improvements

    • Added functions to menubar for auto-close when mouse is left.

    Core issues

    • Fixed bug that incorrect visual rect if parent is nested_form .
    • Fixed bug that round_rectangle always draws black background(#246)

    Widget issues

    • Fixed crash where create combox with specified rectangle.
    • Fixed crash when selecting menu command using keyboard(#237).
    • Fixed bug that slider is still highlighted when mouse is left.
    • Fixed bug that inline-widgets positioned wrong column.
    • Fixed crash where menubar hotkey isn't an ASCII character.
    • Fixed bug that textbox highlight fails.
    • Fixed bug that listbox incorrect scrolls if content is sorted(#245).


    • Exception information of listbox model_guard.
    • Reduced GDI objects.



    Contributions made by A2Razor

    • Fixed bug that throws exception in listbox::column_at(#248).
    • Added event filter.

    Added a method to inputbox for specifying minimum width entry field by JamesBremner(#234)