Nana Release

May 22nd, 2018

Release notes tell you what's new in Nana C++ Library

This release contains new features, some breaking changes and many fixes. It makes Nana more stable on both Windows and Linux. Learn more on the Nana Blog.

We love hearing about your experiences with Nana at our Forum. The forum also gives an opportunity to listen to your feedback as we continue development.

  • NEW

    New features of widgets.

    • keyboard accelerator
    • font of listbox header is changable
    • added scroll_operation_interface
  • NEW

    New switchable field.


    Core issues.

    • nested_form draws incompletely
    • place generates bad div-text after called place.modify

    Widget issues.

    • progress widget may generate an integer overflow error
    • small fix for widget scroll's constructor
    • fixed bug in scroll.make_page_scroll
    • fixed bug that listbox incorrectly performas scroll_down/up
    • fixed bug that listbox selection behaves unexpectedly
    • fixed bug that inline widgets aren't closed when listbox clears

    Fixed crash errors.

    • fixed crash occurs when listbox is selecting item after pressing shift(#312)
    • crash where compare listbox::item_proxy with a string
    • stack overflow error in core library
    • crash occurs when place.modify a field which isn't the leftmost one

    Changes and improvements.

    • Improved visualization of group caption
    • Decleared members of arg_tabbar_removed as mutable
    • Enhanced performance of setting model for a listbox
    • The edge nimbus should not be rendered for disabled widgets



    Contributes by leobackes.

    • Fixed exception with listbox.clear(0)(#305)

    Contributes by loaden.

    • The better static linkage(#308)
    • Refactor the main CMakeLists.txt(#309)
    • Fixed linkage error on Debian 9(#310)
    • Some improvements in CMakeLiksts.txt(#311)
    • Fixed uninitialized local variable warnings(#313)

    Contributes by 5cript.

    • Added missing std::move, within tabbar insert overload for std::string(#285)
    • Added a feature that allow you to disable a toolbar item(#291)

    Contributes by buck-yeh.

    • Makes more Linux distros happy

    Contributes by besh81.

    • Added group.field_display(), group.erase() and toolbar.clear() methods(#303)
    • Added listbox::clear_headers() and menubar::clear()(#302)
    • Fixed filebox.init_file()(#301)

    Contributes by dnso86.

    • fixed typo in button.cpp comment(#299)
    • added checking whether MinGW really supports threads(#296)

    Contributes by qPCR4vir.

    • fixed travis test for hotfix-1.5.6 branch(#293)
    • fixed travis test for develop branch(#292)