Nana Release

July 20th, 2019

Release notes tell you what's new in Nana C++ Library

This release contains new features, some breaking changes and many fixes. It makes Nana more stable on both Windows and Linux. Learn more on the Nana Blog.

We love hearing about your experiences with Nana at our Forum. The forum also gives an opportunity to listen to your feedback as we continue development.

  • NEW

    New features.

    • Added support of multi-language under Linux
  • NEW

    New features of widgets.

    • Added a new method to set a predicate for listbox deselection

    Breaking changes.

    • <nana/gui/wvl.hpp> is removed, use <nana/gui.hpp> instead
    • suspension_width is removed from listbox's scheme, use listbox::suspension_width() instead
    • id is removed from arg_elapse, use arg_elapse.sender instead

    Changes and improvements.

    • Removed dependency from libiconv

    Core issues.

    • Fixed a memory leak in class pool
    • Fixed bug that disable button could trigger click event when pressing space-key
    • Fixed issue where filebox single selection not working on Linux
    • Fixed issue where the grayscale PNG is mistakely processed
    • Fixed issue where transparent widget would not be updated in event handler



    Contributes by Ariel Viña Rodríguez.

    • C++ runtime static linking(#437)
    • Added Div-Text error description for class place(#427)
    • Improved the CMakelists to reduce the size of executables in release mode(#427)

    Contributes by Error Flynn.

    • Fixed another listbox selection bug(#454)
    • Fixed listbox selection bug described in issue #448(#449)
    • Two listbox bug fixes: category_icon() parameter and an unsort issue(#429)

    Contributes by besh81.

    • Fixed issue on dockpane close(#457)
    • toolbar: added toggle button(#430)

    Contributes by wpp2014.

    • Added a textbox::text method(#435)

    Contributes by glavangeorge.

    • Fixed issue where unicode_bidi aletter always true(#440)

    Contributes by Xeverous.

    • Added alias nana::nana in CMakelists(#435)

    Contributes by JannLee.

    • Add project script files for vc2019(#458)